Direct Part marking for permanent traceability

Discover our Laser Marking Solutions, Dot peen and Scribing marking products for unique identification.

Marking technology

Laser marking machines

Laser marking machines

For low noise fast, high quality marking, lasers are the ideal choice. Lasers mark on any material (including the hardests metals) and a variety of plastics. Laser marking solutions provide alphanumeric text, barcodes, 2D machine-readable codes, symbols and logos. With its 5 micron resolution, the laser can mark 2D codes measuring just 0.5 mm wide, making it an ideal marking solutions for medical, pharmaceutical and any application that requires small, precise marks.

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Dot peen technologyDot peen marking machines

An economical marking solution for electronically controlled identification, Dot peen uses a hardened stylus to rapidly indent the surface of components. The stylus can be programmed to produce alphanumeric text, 2D machine-readable codes, symbols, logos — virtually any type of mark. An extensive range of materials can be marked, including plastic, glass, wood, expanded polystyrene, and most metals (except hardened steels.)

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Scribing technologyScribing marking technology

Scribing provides high quality marks, but operates much quieter than micro-percussion. Moving through the material, the hardened metal pin delivering smoother, esthetically pleasing continuous marks: 2D coding, logos, and alpha numeric line characters on all materials — regardless of speed. This is an ideal marking solution for direct part marking on hollow parts, sheet metal and other noise producing materials.

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MarknReadMark'nRead™ :

A complete solution that combines Direct Part Marking with the advantages of the Data Matrix™ code.
The complete Technifor's Mark'n Read™ product guarantees full product traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

The ability to track along the entire assembly line using strategically positioned cameras will not only provide a history of the life of each product but it will also have a major role in improving the manufacturing process.


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About us

Technifor is the world's first manufacturer of Dot Peen Direct Part Marking machines for quality control, automatic identification and permanent traceability for metallic or plastic parts.

With over 40 000 machines installed worldwide, Technifor is a proven global supplier of industrial marking equipment and verification solutions for in-line, stand-alone and mobile applications.

Around the world our ISO9001 - v2008 technical teams install and maintain our Dot Peen, scribing or Laser Marking, Etching and Engraving systems for OEM, system integrators and factory floor in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, heavy equipment, energy, oil and gas, electronics, etc…


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