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Marking on Turbine Blades

Traceability marking on blades and turbines
Marking for traceability on blades and turbines
Mark and read a datamatrix code
Mark and read a datamatrix code on each blade
Marking and vision system for traceability
Marking Solution: marking and vision system for the complete traceability of blades
DataMatrix code and legible text
DataMatrix code and legible text: serial number and manufacturer number
Marking for traceability on blades and turbines

Client needs

Find a solution able to meet the traceability requirements of blades:

  • Compact marking solution with motorized Z axis and tactile sensor able to recognize all blade sizes
  • Superior marking quality
  • 2D marking of DataMatrix™ codes capability

 This station includes a system for reading the codes marked that verifies and certifies the markings for compliance requirements.

Solution proposed

Marking: electromagnetic marking machine with motorized Z axis, surface height detection sensor and built-in controller included
Reading: standard portable DataMan 7500 handheld reader
Software: standard integrated software equipped with all the traceability features, history file export ("Write Line") and data merging ("CSV")

Client benefits

Technifor is the only company to provide a real "marking and reading" solution. The system allows us to identify each blade through a text and an associated DataMatrix code. We then check the legibility of the code using a DataMan 7500 handheld reader. The DataMan reader has the clear benefit of being directly connected to the marking system through a RS232 connection. This can be used to save all the coded data in a history file.

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Marking on Turbine Blades

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