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Marking of Automotive Sensors

Large series marking on a plastic part
Large series marking on a plastic part
Large series marking on a plastic part

Client needs

Marking of automotive parts - Sensors

Find a solution able to meet the traceability requirements for your sensors:

  • Independent solution for the automatic marking of dates and serial numbers
  • Fast marking speed
  • Reliable solution for intensive use

Solution proposed

Marking : Standard pneumatic dot peen marking machine
Software : Standard integrated T05 software

Client benefits

This Technifor system is, to our knowledge, the only solution offering a marking speed able to meet our requirements while guaranteeing unrivaled marking quality. Its associated control unit is so independent that we only send a start marking signal to drive the machine. The size and weight of the marking head really helped with its integration into our system.

This technology from Technifor has replaced all our labeling systems: it guarantees more resistant, less costly and more durable marking, which is exactly what we were looking for. "

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Marking of Automotive Sensors

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