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Marking of molds

Automated laser marking station
Automated marking station with loading robot gripper
Automated Fiber laser marking unit
Fiber laser marking unit in an automated work station
Mold marking station example
Example of a molding marking station in a robotic chamber
Automated marking station with loading robot gripper

Client needs

Identification of molds in a robotic enclosure

  • Integrate the mold marking operation into a robotic enclosure at the end of machining
  • Rapid marking to suit production speeds: part numbers, capacity, date and site of manufacture, references
  • An operator must be able to view the marking operations on a control screen

Solution proposed

Fiber laser marking machine

Customized workstation:

  • Class 1 workstation with a pneumatic door for the loading/unloading of parts using a robotic arm.
  • Integration of a viewing camera during marking (image sent to a control PC).

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Marking of molds

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