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Marking on raw aluminium Marking Machine

Raw Aluminium Marking Machine

Machines to mark and engrave raw aluminium

Light and robust material, conductive and resistant to corrosion, the properties of aluminium are valued in the following industries: automotive, aerospace and marine construction, rail transport, electronics and electronics, packaging and construction, etc.

Raw, with no anodization layer or other treatment, offers little contrast for marking. Technifor offers various solutions for the legible engraving of your parts:

Laser Marking Dot Peen Marking Scribing
Laser marking on aluminum
Laser marking on coated aluminum
Dot Peen marking on aluminum
Aluminum car part marking
Data Matrix marking on aluminum tube
Marking on painted aluminum


Technifor offers fast and flexible marking systems preserving the properties of the raw aluminium:

Regardless of the technology, each system adapts to the thickness of your parts with the possibility of adjusting the strength of the impact or the depth desired: from light marking on thin parts with no deformation of your parts (strips) up to deep marking on aluminium tubes and bars.

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Raw Aluminium Marking Machine

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