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Stainless steel marking machine

Stainless Steel Marking Machine

Marking and engraving stainless steel - Marking machines

Due to its anti-corrosive properties, stainless steel has become essential in the composition of parts for the medical, tools, mechanical, and food industries.

Technifor offers several solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of each industrial sector:

The marking of this material must not alter the properties of the manufactured parts:

- marking as durable as the part identified
- surface identification of tools, cooking utensils, valves, and tubes etc.
- non-invasive marking for surgical instruments and implants
- contrasted engraving on nameplates, screws, and bolts
- unique identifiers on automotive parts and exhausts, etc.

Laser Marking Dot Peen Marking Scribing
Laser surface identification marking on stainless steel   Laser identification marking on medical devices

Scale marking with Dot Peen on steel  

Data Matrix marking on a tailpipe

Scribe marking on a stainless steel plate   Scribe marking of references on a tailpipe   

Several marking methods are available and Technifor offers fast and effective systems preserving the structure of each part: