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PA plastic marking

Marking on Polyamide Plastic (Nylon)

Marking and Engraving PA(Nylon) Plastics:

Its very good mechanical and thermal qualities offer many solutions for the needs of the different industries (automotive, electrical, lighting, consumer goods and sports equipment, etc).
PA6, PA66 /6, modified by different charges or additives (fiber glass, elastomers and plastifiers, etc), the range is very large and different technologies offer high-quality marking.

Depending on the desired result and your production priorities, Technifor offers different technologies and configurations adapted to marking your parts:

Laser Marking Dot Peen Marking scribing
PA12 plastic laser marking
PA66 plastic laser marking
PA electrical plastic laser marking
Automotive PA Plastic Data Matrix marking
Dot Peen marking on plastic PA66
Engraving PA plastic
Scribe marking on plastic

Several marking methods are available and Technifor offers fast and effective systems preserving the structure of each part:

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Marking on Polyamide Plastic (Nylon)

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