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Identify products

Identification of Components and Products

Every company must be able to identify its products throughout their manufacturing process.

Often it must be in compliance with regulations about the product's development during the production process.

When traceability is a requirement, the manufacturer must manage the unique identification of the product and retain the history of the production stages.

Identification of metal parts Identify a part and its model

What is identification?

Why identify products?

Identification is the marking of parts with data such as:

  • manufacturer's name and logo
  • part number
  • serial number
  • manufacturing date
  • location
  • counter
  • shift
  • a datamatrix code, etc
  • To allow clients to identify parts and their mode
  • To prevent counterfeiting
  • To respect quality standards and regulations
  • To promote your brand

Technifor's identification solutions

Technifor offers the largest range of configurations of machines and software to specifically meet any request with easy to use machines:

Offline workshop machines Portable machines Machines for integration into production lines


stand alone marking machine


portable dot peen marking machine

Machines integratable into a production line
Dot peen, scribing, laser (fiber, yag, green, co2)  Dot peen Dot peen, scribing, laser (fibre, yag, green, co2) 

Depending on the nature of the marking required, your production conditions, and your integration constraints for the marking workstation in your environment, Technifor is able to offer the best solution in line with your budget.

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