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Traceability of industrial parts

Traceability of Industrial Parts

Traceability is a type of insurance. It can considerably reduce the costs of recall campaigns and improve the production processes.

The concept of traceability has always been a part of Technifor's knowledge base. With increasing pressure in practically every market, the marking of products has never been as important as it is today.

Driven by the automotive and aeronautics industries, which chose our systems due to the permanence/longevity of the markings and the reliability of the equipment, many manufacturing industries now use Technifor systems for the traceability of their products as well.

Traceability is becoming the most urgent of challenges for today's industries.


This process is used to track a product or assembly throughout its life cycle by linking a unique identification (UID) to a database.

Traceability cycle

What When Where?

2D code



Some of the crucial questions each of your products must be able to answer now. The use of a 2D DataMatrix code allows you to personalize and identify a component from the start of its life onward. The use of strategically-placed cameras allows you to detect and signal the presence of a component. The verification of the code marked can be used to reject faulty parts, report a deviation and schedule maintenance, etc. The link to a database allows you to save all the data for a trace which may then be processed either online or offline to improve your production process.
Traceability Process
Requirement of quality assurance systems Technifor: supplier of solutions for the traceability of industrial parts

The manufacturer must manage the unique identification of its products and keep a log.

Definition of traceability (NF EN ISO 9000):

"Ability to find out the history, use or location of an element (product, process, or system)"

adding that "during the inspection of a product, traceability may refer to the origin of the materials and parts, the history of the manufacturing, its distribution and its location".


Mastering the different aspects of traceability, your concerns are considered in the design of our solutions:

  • from comprehensive marking solutions to automatic reading
  • the largest range of permanent marking technologies to meet your precise needs 
  • all the integrated traceability functions: Technifor develops its management software and enhances this with extensive application experience
Dot-peen Data Matrix™ code on metal Mark every part and component
What is DPM (Direct Part Marking)? Click here DataMatrix™ code marking: click here
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