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Join Gravotech Group, a world leader in marking, engraving, laser cutting and dot-peen solutions, for the 32nd edition of International Manufacturing Technology Show 2018 September 10-15 at McCormick Place complex in beautiful and culturally rich Chicago, IL. America’s largest manufacturing technology show is sponsored by The Association For Manufacturing Technology and attracts buyers and sellers from 117 countries, including 115,000 decision-makers.

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Stop by our IMTS booth (#236032) September 10-15!

Join Gravotech Group, a world leader in marking, engraving, laser cutting and dot-peen solutions, for the 32nd edition of International Manufacturing Technology Show 2018 September 10-15 at McCormick Place complex in beautiful and culturally rich Chicago, IL. America’s largest manufacturing technology show is sponsored by The Association For Manufacturing Technology and attracts buyers and sellers from 117 countries, including 115,000 decision-makers.

Mark your calendars and register today.  Don't miss the Gravotech - Gravograph & Technifor Booth: 236032 located in the IMTS Fabricating & Lasers Pavilion in North Building Level 3.  See you at the show!     

What will Gravotech bring to the show? Explore Gravotech’s newest technologies and trends in engraving, marking, traceability and software solutions from Technifor and Gravograph.

Technifor Dot Peen and Laser Marking Systems

Industrial Marking Customers and Integrators check out what Technifor is bringing to the show!

Technifor is the world's first manufacturer of dot peen direct part marking machines, including benchtop and portable dot peen marking solutions. Stop by our booth to see the latest models in our benchtop range: the Impact EZm Electromagnetic and Impact EZp Pneumatic. Also see the models in our portable range, the XM700 Electromagnetic, and the XE320Cp Pneumatic. Technifor also offers a laser solution for each laser application: Fiber Series, Hybrid Series, Green Series and CO2 Series.  See the Compact G Laser Green Series Laser Solution for cold marking and the H10 DPSS Laser Hybrid Laser solution for contrasted marking and effective marking on plastics.

Technifor Impact Series Dot Peen Marking Solutions

Perform long-lasting and forgery-proof markings with speed and precision! More compact and convenient, the IMPACT benchtop dot peen series is now available with two different energy sources: electromagnetic and pneumatic. The IMPACT range of dot peen machines makes it possible to perform precise and high-quality marking on a large number of materials, including plastics (ABS, PA, PP) and metals (steel, painted steel, aluminum, brass, iron, steel. Raw and anodized).

Technifor Impact eZm Electromagnetic

This electromagnetic benchtop marking station with motorized Z-axis and "touch” stylus offers continuous serial marking of small workpieces with text, logos, DataMatrix codes, etc. on all shapes, materials and surfaces up to 62 HRC. Ability to operate autonomously in fully automatic mode. No previous knowledge or training required.

Technifor Impact eZp Pneumatic

Impact Series Dot Peen Benchtop Marking Solution

This pneumatic benchtop marking station with motorized Z-axis, rotary device and stylus allow for operation at high speeds and marking frequencies under industrial conditions. The intuitive user interface eliminates the need for extensive training. Plus, the control software built into marking head marks metal and plastic parts up to 62 HRC. Marking options include text, logos, 2D codes (DataMatrix, QR code, etc.) and connection to databases (CSV, Excel, Access).

 The marking possibilities offered by the IMPACT Range vary from unit parts up to small and medium series runs. Impact devices mark parts up to 300mm (12") in height. In addition to the EZp, the Impact range includes models Impact p (pneumatic with manual Z-axis), Impact m (electro-magnetic with manual Z-axis) and Impact EZm (electro-magnetic with stylus). Read more


Technifor XM700 Electromagnetic

Portable Range Dot Peen Portable Marking Solution

For permanent marking of large and heavy workpieces and hard-to-reach products, this portable electromagnetic dot peen machine marks text, logos, data matrix codes, etc. on all shapes, materials and surfaces up to 62 HRC. The XM700 model offers an all-in-one design, 7-inch touchscreen with icon commands, reinforced housing and a stylus. The hand-held tool has a long-lasting battery and a universal foot that adapts to all forms of parts to be marked. This portable machine can also be used as a table-top machine with the optional column mount for marking plates and small components. The powerful battery belt and integrated control unit offer full mobility. No remote electronics are needed. Simple operation: No training required. Read more

Technifor XE320Cp Pneumatic

Portable Range Dot Peen Portable Marking Solution

Designed for industrial marking, this dot-peen solution is a portable marking machine that is the ideal tool for marking heavy or large parts and marks serial numbers, dates, logos. The XE320Cp model uses the same technology as our industrial marking machines integrated into production lines and complies with marking and traceability requirements and standards. Read more


Technifor Laser Series Marking Machines

Technifor is also bringing these newest laser technologies to the show!

Technifor offers four laser series with laser solutions for marking and traceability in your production environment, including the Hybrid Series, Green Series, Fiber Series and CO2 Series. Check out these lasers at our booth -- the powerful and versatile H10 DPSS Laser Hybrid Laser for the widest range of markings on the widest range of materials and the Compact G Green Laser, utilizing new cold marking technology for marking on sensitive, small internal components!

Technifor H10 DPSS Laser with Custom Conveyor

Hybrid Series Laser Solution

With the highest peak power in the range, the H10 DPSS Laser is our best solution for marking on the widest range of materials! This hybrid laser combines the benefits of multi-diode pumping and the robustness of the Technifor monobloc design along with the unique properties of the DPSS laser technology. It provides contrasted marking, and the high-quality beam is particularly effective on plastics. Its all-in-one design makes it affordable and versatile. TheH10 DPSS also features a reliable, durable and effective custom conveyor belt with a plate holder that can be placed in any position in the box. Read more

Technifor Compact G Laser

Green Series Laser Solution

For the best solution for marking parts with no thermal effect and no damage, the Green Series Compact G offers a portable solution for cold marking, micro marking and unique interaction with materials. The class 4 lasers in this series provide micro markings on small, internal computer components with unprecedented accuracy. The lasers’ unique interaction marks materials — such as gold, silver, silicon and technical plastics — that don’t react with infrared lasers. The laser comes with LW2 with enclosure. Read more

Spotlight On: New Product Release!

For all Integrators: Stay competitive and keep the cutting edge with Technifor’s latest laser in the Fiber Series that will be a big reveal at the show! We’ll also provide access to development products, resources, and technical support.


In addition to the Technifor dot peen and laser marking machines, we are bringing these two, top-selling Gravograph machines!

Excellent for the labeling and identification of parts in your facility, we are showcasing the LS900 Edge: the first dual source laser machine to feature optics (mirrors and lenses) that are compatible with both types of laser beam and marking processes; and we are bringing the IS400 -- a computerized rotary engraving machine with Auto Z cylindrical attachment for marking parts, industrial signage and 3D engraving, which also allows you to engrave large and cylindrical items by adapting the volume base.

Gravograph LS900 Edge

Dual Source Laser CO2 + Fiber

Engrave multiple materials in one cycle! The LS900 Edge is a dual source gantry laser, CO2 + Fiber that consists of a CO2 source (40watt) and Fiber source (20watt, 30watt, 50watt, which allows the operator to switch from CO2 to Fiber without any additional lead time. Productive and efficient, the Gravograph LS900EDGE is Ideal for annealing, etching, and engraving bare metals, marking, engraving and cutting a wide variety of materials including plastic, acrylic, leather, fabric, foam, rubber and wood. The LS900 Edge is equipped with time-saving features: red aiming laser, automatic focusing, cycle time indicator, job complete alarm, class 1 safety enclosure, point-and-shoot job registration, point-and-shoot plate composition and more allowing for fast job creation. The laser comes with the LaserStyle graphic design and marking software. Read more

Gravograph IS400 Volume

IS Series Rotary Engraver with Table

Gravotech's top-selling computerized engraving machine, the IS Series IS400 is a reliable, computerized rotary engraving machine, suitable for professional engravers or the industrial user. The IS400 solution is appropriate for a wide range of applications, including trophies and plaques, small signage, ADA signage, identification of industrial parts, and light machining. Its vices and Z direction motorized cylindrical attachment allows you to switch from the engraving on flat objects to cylindrical objects, without changing parameter settings. A variety of jigs and holding devices are available for the IS400. A vacuum table or t-slot table can hold down objects. Cylindrical devices engrave cylindrical or conical shaped items. A chip collector makes the removal of debris during engraving simple and hands-free. Read more


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