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Upcoming Webinar: The Latest in Laser Marking Equipment

Upcoming Webinar: The Latest in Laser Marking Equipment


Marking and traceability are essential in manufacturing. Join our webinar on October 2nd, at 12 PM EST to learn more about the advantages of lasers for various marking applications.

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We gathered a team of experts to discuss the latest and greatest in laser marking technology and various industry advances that will help you streamline your marking and traceability. We will talk about green, CO2, hybrid, and Fiber lasers and ideal applications for those machines.



We will cover many specific models, including dual-source lasers that allow you to mark multiple surfaces and materials. Besides, we will also talk about laser safety and various enclosures for type 4 lasers.



Whether you are just started learning about laser marking, considering adding a laser to your manufacturing process, or already own laser marking machine, join us to talk lasers!

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