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Industrial Marking Systems

We have a solution to mark a serial number, a logo or a 2D DataMatrix code on your parts.
With over 40,000 machines installed worldwide, our DPM (Direct Part Marking) systems range from the simple work shop engraving machine to a full traceability solution including marking and automatic reading using a camera.

As a permanent marking expert for over 30 years, we help you choose the technology and marking machine suitable for your application:

- laser, dot peen or scribe technology
- integrable, station or portable machines
- fast, contrasted, deep or surface marking
- serial numbers, logos, 2D DataMatrix codes, symbols and dates, etc.

Our applications laboratory offers free sample test marking to help determine what is best for your needs.

Laser marker


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Marking and Traceability Software


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Part engraving

Dot peen / Scribing

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industrial vision systems


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Customized solutions

Customized solutions

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Accessories for marking machines


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CPO engraving and laser machines

CPO and Demo Marking Machines

Laser, dot peen, or scribing.

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