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Accessories for laser marking machines

Are you unable to guarantee the size of your parts to the nearest inch? Technifor guarantees the precision of its markings.

- This sensor measures the distance between the focus and the surface being marked and the laser system automatically adjusts its focus.
- The focusing is instantaneous with no waiting time.
- The auto-focus eliminates the need for costly mechanical systems and complex adjustments.

Link the marking of thousands of parts with uneven surfaces, the auto-focus takes care of it all!

The largest laser amplitude in the market!
The largest laser amplitude in the market!
Ensure consistent markings
Ensure consistent markings
Marking several levels without adjustment
Marking several levels without adjustment
The largest laser amplitude in the market!
  • Details

    Because the marking outcome with a laser machine is very sensitive to defocusing, the auto-focus is a simple solution for linking markings without adjustment:

    - Plug & Play module : simple and easy to use

    -  Instant auto-focus : automatic adjustment of the focal length required with no waiting time for maximum productivity.

     Mark your series of parts without adjustment: regardless of the distance from the surface being marked, the focus is automatic.

  • Features
    Tidy up to 4.7inches (focal length 254)
    Compatible Laser Solution Fiber-Series
    Laser Solution Hybrid-Series
    Laser Solution Green-Series
    Laser Workstation LW1
    Laser Workstation LW2


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