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Deep Marking Solution XF530 - Deep marking

Deep Marking Machine XF530
Deep dot peen marking machine - Integrable range

Equipped with an extremely powerful stylus, the XF350 micro-impacts to create durable tamper-proof marks on virtually any surface and any material.

A machine adapted to strict industrial applications, it is designed to allow accurate and very deep marking.
Available in a pneumatic or electromagnetic version.

Deep marking machine
Deep marking machine
Deep marking on steel
Deep marking on steel
Deep marking before painting
Deep marking before painting
Deep marking machine
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  • Details

    Deep dot peen marking machine

    Tamper-proof and durable, the markings are not altered by finishing, painting, climatic conditions, contaminants, etc.

      • Deep marking: direct marking before part processing (sanding, galvanisation, shot peening, anti-corrosion paints, etc). Deep marking after treatment on hard, rough, painted materials.
      • Large characters: boasting a large marking area, it is adapted to your widest or longest identifications.
      • Industrial: very robust, it can be used in the harshest environments
      • Total connectivity: The UC500 control unit is the most communicative on the market: RS232 ports, USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet/Profibus protocol, 8 input/4 output card for easy integration into all production lines.

      Technifor Scribing Deep Marking Machine

    - Large marking area  

    - High rigid guiding rails

    - Powerful stylus for marking the hardest surfaces

    - Light and resistant aluminum frame

  • Features

    Technical characteristics

    Dot peen Pneumatic Electromagnetic
    Compressed air supply Operating pressure 6 Bar (87.023 PSI) nominal, 6.5 Bar (94.275 PSI) maximum  
    Power supply 110-230 V AC - 50-60 Hz
    Power 120 VA 360 W
    Operating temperature 5 - 45° C  

    Marking head

    Marking area 200x50mm
    Marking head weight  18 Kg
    Dimensions (mm) 343  x 170  x 221
    Carbide stylus tip angle at 60°, 90° ou 120° depending on the application
    Usable fonts Continuous line or step-by-step
    Material hardness ≤ 62 hrc

    Control unit

    Weight 3.9 Kg
    Dimensions (mm) L 240 x W l180 x H 150
    External keyboard Provided
    Communication Ethernet TCP/IP; Profinet/Profibus protocol; 8E/4S; RS232; USB
    Management Integrated T05 software with wide backlit screen
    Operation Autonomous (no PC) - with PC - connected to a PLC

    Integrated T05 marking program

    Very easy to use with icons and contextual help, the internal software is powerful and easy to program.
    Developed by Technifor and enriched with vast application experience, it comprises all the functions required for identification and traceability.

    Interface Multilingual (documentation and interface available in over 19 languages)
    Memory Over 1000 marking files
    Included Stand and wall fastenings
    Marking options text, logos, variables, timestamping, counters, serial numbers, shift codes
      barcodes, 2D Datamatrix ECC200 codes, QR codes, UID, OCR characters
      flat, angular and radiating marking, etc.
    Advanced features Durect connection to the barcode or DataMatrix code reader
      Duplicate control, log files, data acquisition from your existing systems, file selection, etc
      CSV file merge, control instructions, FTP server link, etc.
  • Downloads

Examples of applications

Integration on a production line
Integration on a production line
Deep marking of large plates in metallurgy
Deep marking of large plates in metallurgy
Integration on a production line



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