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Dot Peen and Scribe Marking Machines

Inventor of dot peen in 1981, Technifor offers 2 technologies for the direct mechanical marking of your parts:

Dot-peen marking:
This technology produces deep marking without removing any materiel for all types of materials, from plastic to the hardest steels.
A sturdy and proven technology, dot peen is an economic solution which doesn't require consumables.

Scribe marking:
The stylus (carbide or diamond tip) penetrates the material, then moves along axes X and Y, scratching the surface of the part and carrying out marking.
A very quiet process, it is the traceability solution for high-resonance materials (hollow parts, sheets, etc).

These marking machines are fast, compact and industrial, guaranteeing marking quality and respect of the mechanical structure of your parts.
Their electronic management facilitates the automatic incrementation of serial numbers, dates, shift codes and the marking of logos and DataMatrix codes.

They are offered in different versions so as to adapt to your application:

On-line integrable marking machines

Integrable Machines

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Portable marking machines

Portable machines

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Bench marking machine

Bench machine

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